One-on-One Anxiety Coaching

Your Solution To Anxiety Lies Ahead

What is Anxiety Calmness?

Anxiety can be so overwhelming that we would do just about anything to get rid of it. But what if it weren’t overwhelming? What if it weren’t a problem in your life? What if it were a powerful tool that could help you? Would you still look to remove it from your life?

The stress response is highly valuable to all of us, but when it isn’t properly tamed, it feels as if our mind is working against us, not for us. It’s a feeling that can leave you debilitated.

Are you ready to be free from the Grip of Anxiety?

Anyone suffering from generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, or any one of the many disorders understands firsthand how destructive these conditions are.

Relief is found when you understand what anxiety is, why it is present in your life and, ultimately, how to integrate it into your life.

The problem isn’t that you have anxiety. The problem is our relation towards anxiety and how it affects us. Anxiety is a healthy response until it isn’t. The dysfunction of anxiety is when it is easily triggered, puts us on high alert, and/or is continuously on in the background of our everyday lives.

Anxiety’s power is much like nuclear energy – laden with the ability to brighten our world or destroy it.

Together, we can explore how and why anxiety is causing trouble in your life and create a plan that’ll lessen the distress and symptoms that it’s causing.

Anxiety doesn’t live in a vacuum space with no external influence, so why would we treat it as such? We will see how anxiety is intertwined with all of the majorly important parts of your daily life and how it is bidirectionally influenced in your diet, relationships, exercise and sleep.

Client Testimonials

  • Max has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. I spent years consistently worrying about everything. He worked directly with me to uncover why my mind went into these negative loops so quickly. He explained the process so well and show me tips on how to get out of the negative mental cycle. It is extremely relieving to not have a constant worry to tend to every hour of the day.

    Lindsay S.
  • After years of constant panic attacks, I decided to reach out for help and was recommend to see Max. I wish had seem him way earlier. I had tried a handful of therapists and found minor relief. Having someone who truly understood what I was going through was what I really needed. Anytime I would begin to have a panic attack, he would be able to reduce the worst of the symptoms and coached me through them. I made more progress working with him in the last 3 months than I had made in the previous 10 years on my own.

    Alex L.
  • When I contacted Max, I was hoping to find some relief for my chronic stress. I had been on medications to reduce my anxiety and I was sick of the side effects. I was stunned by Max’s knowledge about anxiety and what was going on inside my body. He taught me techniques to get ahead of my stress response before it turned into an anxiety attack. I am extremely thankful to have found him.

    Molly K.
  • I have been seeing Max for over a year and I cannot believe the progress I have made. I had tried everything to relieve my anxiety and it always seemed to comeback anytime I made the slightly progress. It was nice having someone so easy to talk to about my problems. He constantly reassured me anytime I started to have doubts. Although there is a lot of work still ahead, I am really satisfied by how much control I have over my daily life now.

    Sydney M.